Green Mountain Kettle Corn is Popping Perfection Across the NEK and Beyond

A journey into the kernel of popcorn and kettle corn
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Green Mountain Kettle Corn is Popping Perfection Across the NEK and Beyond

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Green Mountain Kettle Corn, renowned for its exceptional popcorn creations, has taken its culinary expertise on the road, traveling through the states of Vermont, New York, Maine, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. The company's mobile popcorn operation has become a highlight of fairs and events across the Northeast Kingdom (NEK) and beyond. This article explores Green Mountain Kettle Corn's remarkable journey, as they bring their tantalizing popcorn treats to eager crowds in diverse communities.

Bringing the Popcorn Extravaganza on the Road

Green Mountain Kettle Corn's mobile popcorn operation is a testament to their commitment to sharing their love for popcorn with people far and wide. This innovative approach allows the company to traverse the NEK and extend their reach into neighboring states, setting up shop at a variety of fairs, events, and festivals.

Vermont: Embracing Local Flavor

As the heart and soul of Green Mountain Kettle Corn, Vermont holds a special place in the company's journey. From the stunning landscapes of the Green Mountains to the vibrant communities, Vermont's fairs and events provide the perfect backdrop for the mobile popcorn operation. Whether it's the Champlain Valley Fair in Essex Junction, the Tunbridge World's Fair, or the Vermont Maple Festival in St. Albans, Green Mountain Kettle Corn adds a touch of popcorn magic to each event, delighting locals and visitors alike.

New York: Spreading Popcorn Joy

Crossing over into the neighboring state of New York, Green Mountain Kettle Corn's mobile operation continues to captivate audiences. The Great New York State Fair in Syracuse, the Dutchess County Fair in Rhinebeck, and the Saratoga County Fair in Ballston Spa are just a few of the events where the company sets up its enticing popcorn station. Popcorn enthusiasts in New York eagerly anticipate the arrival of Green Mountain Kettle Corn, as they know they will be treated to the finest popcorn flavors and craftsmanship.

Maine: Popping in the Pine Tree State

Venturing eastward, Green Mountain Kettle Corn brings its popcorn prowess to the picturesque state of Maine. The Fryeburg Fair, one of the oldest agricultural fairs in the country, serves as a delightful venue for the company to showcase its popcorn-making artistry. In addition, other events like the Yarmouth Clam Festival and the Maine Lobster Festival in Rockland create opportunities for locals and visitors to indulge in the irresistible flavors of Green Mountain Kettle Corn's popcorn.

Connecticut: A Popcorn Sensation

As the mobile popcorn operation continues its journey southward, it reaches the vibrant state of Connecticut, where fairs and events provide a platform for showcasing Green Mountain Kettle Corn's culinary expertise. The Eastern States Exposition, commonly known as The Big E, attracts thousands of attendees eager to savor the diverse flavors and mouthwatering popcorn offerings. Additionally, events like the Durham Fair and the Guilford Fair welcome the company, offering popcorn enthusiasts a chance to experience the NEK's popcorn magic.

Massachusetts: Spreading Popcorn Happiness

The final stop on the mobile popcorn odyssey is the state of Massachusetts, where Green Mountain Kettle Corn leaves its mark at prominent events and festivals. The Topsfield Fair, New England's oldest agricultural fair, is an ideal setting for the company to demonstrate its commitment to quality and innovation. Other events, such as the Big E in West Springfield and the Marshfield Fair, further expand the reach of Green Mountain Kettle Corn, bringing joy and popcorn delights to Massachusetts residents and visitors.

Green Mountain Kettle Corn's mobile popcorn operation is a testament to their dedication to sharing the joy and deliciousness of popcorn with communities throughout the NEK and beyond. From Vermont to New York, Maine to Connecticut, and Massachusetts, the company's presence at fairs and events has become synonymous with culinary excellence and artisanal craftsmanship. Green Mountain Kettle Corn's commitment to traveling the NEK and neighboring states allows them to connect with diverse communities, leaving a trail of popcorn enthusiasts and satisfied customers in their wake.
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