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Kettle Corn Popcorn Tips and Tricks

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Popcorn Tips and Tricks Kettle Corn

Remembering as we walk down hurried paths at a state
fair, the fresh scent of sweet butter reaches us first.
We hear the kernels pop nearby as the crowd points to
its' source. Kettle corn has been around for several
hundred years, popping up through history around rural
communities and get-togethers. Anyone can make this
tasty treat in the comfort of their own home with a few,
simple ingredients. It's cooked with oil and refined
sugar to caramelize the kernels as they Pop!
While the fair only is around once a year, you can
make or buy Kettel Corn today which tastes just like
it does in the stand; only you can beat the long lines!
Here are a few tips to avoid common pitfalls, and
make the Best out of your Kettle Popping Experience!

Equipment you will need:
While kettle corn is traditionally made in a large
cast iron kettle, you may use any sufficiently sized pot
with a lid. The kitchen is a place for experimenting,
so don't be afraid to use whatever tools around you.

- Cast Iron Kettle (or pot with a lid)
- A long spoon to mix the ingredients
- Rectangular baking sheet
- Non-stick baking parchment paper

The oil used to pop kettle corn is ofter overlooked,
and this is the worst mistake a chef can make.
Every oil has a different impact via its taste,
texture and overall quality for your popcorn.
You have a few good options to choose from,
which work across variety of kettle corn types.

The best oil to cook with is Canola oil.
It doesn't burn as easily as other oils, while
being the healthier alternative. If you're going
for more flavor, but a riskier cook, Olive oil
will deliver that kick you're looking for;
just be careful not to burn it, as Olive oil is
very sensitive to heat. Since every oil is
different, every popcorn is too!

The common style popcorn you will find at movie
theaters, are more of palm and coconut based oils.

Now onto the corn you'll be using. Don't feel
lost over varieties, but there are several types
that can be used in most recipes for kettle corn
popcorn. Much like with oils, they composite
into distinct tastes and textures. Regular
kernels are larger when popped, and tend to
stick in your teeth as you eat them.

While midnight blue kernels are crunchier,
and of course, blue. Rainbow blends of popcorn
have multiple types within a package, giving
your palate a variety of qualia. If you're
looking for more tender popcorn, you can't go
wrong with baby white hulless. They don't quite
have that crunch (unless kettled), but they
won't get stuck in your teeth as much either!

We hope this has been helpful for you to read,
as you start your kettle making journey today!

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