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Green Mountain Kettle Corn is a Family Operation!
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Danny Bergeron is the owner of Green Mountain Kettle Corn.
He grew up in Sheldon VT, learning skills of the trade.
He and his wife and children live in Saint Albans Vermont,
enjoy Maple Sugaring in the Spring and everything Vermont
life has to offer. Danny is an avid beekeeper and
organizes many healthy hives across the Vermont woodland.

Green Mountain Kettle Corn started its roots as a
Popcorn Factory in order to spend quality time with Family
while giving back to their community. Needless to say,
it worked! We are a National Brand, and we are still
growing. Our homemade kettle corn is still cooked the
same way, with the same awesome ingredients.
We keep true to the quality of our products and
our mission, believing that in order to be the best,
you have to put your best into everything you do;
Every step of the way.

He has been perfecting his kettle corn and carmel corn
recipes for decades and it shows! The crunching of the
crisp outer layers to reveal an inner golden coated soft
center. We coat these kernels with flavors for occasions,
to match the desired affect and old memories to trigger.
We grew up with cracker jack prizes and old fashioned
Kettle Popcorn at circuses and fairs, and remember all the fun
we had with them. Every pop brings you back to simpler times.
Read more about Our Story and why we make kettle corn.

A continued tradition, Danny's boys are taking the torch
for Popcorn Excellence with their Father. They work side
by side at County and State Fairs, cooking and bagging
the best tasting kettle corn
in front of hungry
customers; giving them a first hand experience into
what is going on behind the scenes for all the
rest of our kettlecorn customers to enjoy too!

Not only are registered kettlers entitled to periodic
(and Holiday) discounts, but you will see what's
going on behind the scenes in Video Newsletters,
showing Sneak Previews of upcoming flavor designs
and other products! Our Social Media, tracking
where we've been and where we are now.

Join our club. It's crunchy and sweet!

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We guarantee our work, provide detailed inventory, notes and
recommendations. Mostly our customers for Kettlecorn Our Story are
local businesses near me in St. Albans Vermont, though
We offer all of our services to Everyone!
We are the Best Vermont Kettle Corn.
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