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What is Kettle Corn

Kettlecorn is a Gourmet Popcorn We Offer
Best Kettle Corn

If you're wondering what kettle corn is, you're in luck!
Different brands of kettle corn producers have varying
recipes, but they make popcorn roughly the same way.
Kettlecorn is simply popcorn with a few more spices, sugar
and oil; however, they make a world of difference in taste.
Kettle corn making is as fun as rewarding to make.

We're often asked how do you make kettle corn, and we are
Always glad to show people the process! It all starts
with the kettle pot for popping corn, oil to pop kernels in,
and sugar to caramelize the popcorn. Check out one of our
videos here to visually see how is kettle corn
made. We also have a popcorn recipes section where you can
learn how to make stove top kettle corn at home!

Q & A Section:

"How long does kettle corn last?"
The answer to how long is kettle corn good for, depends
upon the ingredients, packaging, and storage. At minimum our
Kettle corn is good for 6 months, and can be fresh for a year
or longer. We are conducting experiments for optimal
freshness, but we are also finding the kettle corn to
never last that long before it's eaten.

"What is on kettle corn?"
Fats, sugars and spices is mostly how kettlecorn popcorn
is made. Depending upon the popcorn flavors, candies and
coatings may be applied for added texture and taste.

"What is in kettle corn?"
We pop our kernels in hot, sugary oil. As they dry, the oils
are drained out leaving you a deliciously sweet concoction!
This is essentially what kettle corn is made of.

"Why is kettle corn sweet?"
Kettle corn is sweet due to the sugar which is cooked and
coated on the popcorn. That is what makes kettle corn sweet.
It perfectly compliments the slight fat content, and that
is why is kettle corn sweet.

"Is kettle corn gluten free?"
Yes, we have many awesome varieties of gluten free
popcorn and kettle corn available for you.

"Is kettle corn vegan?"
We also have vegan types of kettlecorn for our vegan friends!
We believe everyone deserves to experience such great taste.

"Does kettle corn have dairy?"
Some recipes do call for dairy products, but not all.
We have many flavors to fit your palate and stomach.

"Can cats eat kettle corn?"
There is nothing toxic to cats in kettle corn popcorn, however
it isn't nutritious for felines to eat despite being savory.

"Can dogs eat kettle corn?"
Yes, they can. Dogs have kettle corn, though it's advisable to
be kept as a treat, as too much of anything can be unhealthy.

"Where to buy fresh kettle corn near me?"
We have an online store just for this purpose. Green Mountain
Kettle Corn popcorn ships around the USA to all our fans!

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