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Here in Vermont, we at Green Mountain Kettle Corn strive to be
at every single State, Local Fair, and Farmers Market around!
You'll be hard pressed not to find our Kettle Korn at events
around New England. We have the Best Kettle Corn, and don't
mind sharing the taste with you to find out.

"What time does the farmers market close?" we often hear.
This varies from place to place, but these events mostly run
during the beginning of the day, to early or mid-afternoon.
We keep our fans and customers informed of where we are, on
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you miss one of our events,
don't worry there's always another one coming up.

Follow us to find where we are, and other fun Popcorn events
near you! Kettlecorn popcorn isn't just for the fairs. You
can find and buy popcorn anytime on our website, just by
ordering Here! Looking for carmel corn near me? We have that
too. Learn how do you make kettle corn on our Social media
profiles. You can almost taste the corn as it Pops!

We're often asked How long does kettle corn last. Well at
these events, it's usually before they reach their cars.
Often people have their arms so full with popcorn, they end up
becoming our mascots on their way back! Let's just say that
we pop a lot of stove kettle corn. Our kettle corn bags have
become a hallmark around local fairs, with bright gold
labels and caramelized popcorn.

We hand out free samples of our sweet and salty kettle corn
at local fairs, such as the Addison Country Field Days
this year in 2022.

Making kettle corn is our passion, and has found a way toward
becoming our lifestyle. That is great, because kettle corn
making allows us to personally connect with others in our
community, sharing the gift of food and spirit. While our
workers usually have several people ordering at once,
we Always make time for you, and Love to talk about Popcorn!

At these events, we show you how to make homemade kettle corn
within our open tents. You will learn what is in kettle corn,
and the process starting from a pop corn kettle.

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We guarantee our work, provide detailed inventory, notes and
recommendations. Mostly our customers for Kettlecorn Our Story are
local businesses near me in St. Albans Vermont, though
We offer all of our services to Everyone!
We are the Best Kettle Corn food Vermont.
Be sure to Call Us, or Stop By Anytime!

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