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Flavors of Popcorn - Kettle Corn Types

Try Out and Collect All the Types We Have!
Best Flavors of Popcorn Flavorings

We have the best flavored popcorn for sale at our stores
in VT and the USA. Try our kettle corn popcorn flavors
for a scrumptious delight!

Flavoring popcorn with different recipes has been a staple
in our business since the very start. People stopped by
our tents at farmers markets simply for our flavorful
popcorn, so we've endeavored to make the best flavored
popcorn recipes for our customers.

Over the years, flavorings for popcorn has changed
along with taste, but our high quality standard has
always stayed the same. While popcorn flavor in general
has shifted toward the sweeter side we try to keep taste
and nutrition in mind with each new recipe.

Types of Kettle corn Flavors
Original Kettle Corn: It is first flavor we
started with, and we haven't needed to adjust
since then. This amazing blend of kettle corn
cooked in spices, sugars and oil will keep you
coming back for more! We are well stocked.

Ranch Popcorn for sale
Ranch Popcorn: With hints of garlic, salt,
onion and mustard, our blended variety delivers
to you a buttermilk concoction delight!
The kernels are puffy and sweet, dried with herbs
and spices to inspire your ranch imagination!

Dill Pickle Popcorn for sale
Dill Pickle Popcorn: Our classic dill pickle
brings back memories of summer nights, canning
and opening our favorite pickles with that
tasty crunch! Our Dill Pickle flavored popcorn
brings both of these great worlds together!
The crunch and flavor is all there.

Queso Dip Popcorn for sale
Queso Dip Popcorn: A zesty blend of cheesy
popcorn with a crisp crunch, you'll be sure
to love our Queso Dip flavor! Whether it is
a Sports Game or a Holiday Celebration,
there is no better time to try our
crunchy cheese spiced popcorn today!

French Toast Popcorn for sale
French Toast Popcorn: Popped into Cinnamon
and coated with Maple Syrup, this treat
isn't just for Brunch! Try our sugary brown
clusters which just melt in your mouth!
These kernels know where the flavor is.

Honey Mustard Popcorn for sale
Honey Mustard Popcorn: The golden hue of
these kernels are matched only by their
delectable taste and rich aroma! Mustard
and Honey popcorn is glazed to perfection,
with the perfect amount of tang to zip!

Sour cream and onion popcorn online
Sour Cream & Onion Popcorn: A cross between
our dill pickle and other flavorings, our
Sour Cream and Onion is coated with
delicious seasonings. This concocted blend
packs the right punch between a two-hour
movie, and for a snack while working.
The Crunch says it all!

Birthday Cake Popcorn for sale
Birthday Cake Popcorn: Our buttery and
battered cake popcorn is topped with
confections. It is Sure to be the hit of
the party! Candies sprinkled over clusters
of fluffy goodness, our Birthday Cake
popcorn will leave you wanting more!

Cheddar Blast Popcorn for sale
Cheddar Blast Popcorn: Holding to its
name, Cheddar Blast is topped and covered
with cheesy goodness inside and out!
These golden orange kernels have a soft
first bite, and then the perfect crunch!
We take pride in Vermont Cheddar cheese.

White Cheddar Popcorn for sale
White Cheddar Popcorn: Fluffy white
cheddar popcorn to tickle your tastebuds
and appetite! It's cheddar finger licking
good! Once you taste our popcorn you won't
be able to go back to the other brands.
A rich cheese flavor with notes of vanilla!

Buffalo Breath Popcorn for sale
Buffalo Breath Popcorn: Our hot and spicy
seasoning mixed together in freshly
popped kernels delivers the kick you are
looking for! We don't know if they pop from
the heat of the flame, or the spices alone;
we will leave that to for you to decide!

Buffalo Wing Popcorn for sale
Buffalo Wing Popcorn: These coated pieces
hold equal and perfect amounts of our hot
sauce and spices, blended together into
popped kernels. Tangy and sweet, every
piece will leave your mouth watering
for the next bite! We sell in bulk!

Caramel Corn Popcorn for sale
Caramel Corn Popcorn: Crunchy and sweet,
our Caramel Corn tops the competition
in both flavor and consistency. This
golden blend of sugar and oil produces
a perfectly satisfying caramel popped
corn that everyone can enjoy!
Sealed in freshness!

Maple Kettle Corn for sale
Maple Kettle Corn: We make the maple syrup
which is used for the sugar, every year in
the Springtime; first drudging through
knee-high snow to collect sap from trees!
Boiled and popped with real Maple Sugar,
these kernels have a sweetly rich
flavor which reminds you of Pancakes!

If you are looking for 'flavored popcorn near me',
we have the best you will find. Search all our flavors
for something you simply cannot resist!
Our 3 flavor popcorn tin for each season and holiday
will amaze and keep you coming back.

Green Mountain Kettle Corn has various flavors of
popcorn for you to munch on. We pride ourselves not
only in quality, but variety of flavors for popcorn
and kettle corn. Microwave popcorn flavors just don't
taste the same, as they are heavily processed and can
sit on the shelves for years; meanwhile butter flavor
for popcorn merely masks a lesser flavor popcorn.

Smartfood popcorn flavors and other artificial popcorn
flavorings are handy in a tight spot, but often leave
you wanting more. Popcorn flavor powder is frequently
used to cover the taste of not so great tasting popcorn.
We aim to deliver the same high convenience of the
big brands, without the need for preservative rich oils
and artificial flavorings. Green Mountain Kettle Corn
keeps its flavoring for popcorn as natural as possible,
with conventional means for preserving our
great tasting product to you!

We have the Best Popcorn Flavors because we put the
time and effort into researching our recipes for optimal
taste and flavor. Our popcorn flavored kettle corn will
bring you back to a simpler time, where different
flavors of popcorn would fill you and your friends
with joy and comfort. Something that we don't get
enough of that in this day and age.

Our gourmet popcorn flavors will leave you in awe,
searching for the next. We have many types of
popcorn seasoning flavors available for you to collect
and try! Find the ones which you love the most, and
share them with your friends and family. We also have
popcorn samplers so you can most easily taste which
popcorn flavoring you enjoy the best!

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