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Best Kettle Corn Popcorn in the Entire USA

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Serving hungry kettle corn popcorn lovers for years.
Shop Kettle Corn Popcorn, try out recipes, learn tricks,
tips, and more. Kettle corn making is what we do, and
we make the Best Kettle Corn in Vermont and USA!
We offer our products for Corporate gifts and events,
weddings, and other hungry customers. Visit us at one
of our locations for free samples of our Kettlecorn
popcorn in all of our flavors. Find your favorite from
All our Kettlecorn products available.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Our Commitment to you is Paramount
On our website you will find kettle corn recipes to make
homemade kettle corn yourself! You'll learn how to make
kettle corn at home which tastes better than anything
store bought. Each kettlecorn recipe has a motif to them.
Find ways to cook kettlecorn in your home.
There is Christmas with cinammon and caramel, Autumn with
pumpkin spice for instance; a recipe for each season.
Check out a full list of popcorn we offer!

Looking for caramel corn near me? We have all
sorts of popcorn to your liking. We recommend you try our
Maple kettle corn for a sweet and salty kettle corn approach.
The Maple Sugar is made from the same Maple Syrup that
Green Mountain Kettle Corn's owner makes every Spring!
All our bags of kettle corn are fresh.
Learn about kettle corn here.
The Best of gourmet kettle corn foods
Danny Bergeron is the owner of Green Mountain Kettle Corn.
He grew up in Sheldon VT, learning skills of the trade.
He and his wife and children live in Saint Albans Vermont,
enjoy Maple Sugaring in the Spring and everything Vermont
life has to offer. Danny is an avid beekeeper and
organizes many healthy hives across the Vermont woodland.

He has been perfecting his kettle corn and carmel corn
recipes for decades and it shows! The crunching of the
crisp outer layers to reveal an inner golden coated soft
center. We coat these kernels with flavors for occasions,
to match the desired affect and old memories to trigger.
We grew up with cracker jack prizes and old fashioned
Kettle Popcorn at circuses and fairs, and remember all the fun
we had with them. Every pop brings you back to simpler times.
Read more about Our Story and why we make kettle corn.

Popcorn from other companies like Orville Redenbacher
Kettle Corn, or Pops Kettle Corn Pops Popcorn are quick and
easy, but quite processed and far from what our taste buds
often desire. While you're looking for kettlecorn near me,
try a more local approach. We make and quickly ship a
long-lasting popcorn without preservatives. Other brands
of kettle corn are competing, but here you are finding us
without any ads. Our customers stay with us because they
know our taste. Our kettlecorn popcorn is both
consistently delicious and Gluten Free! Kettle corn
should be a memorable experience which both takes you
back to your past, and makes for a better present.
We have the Best Popcorn in Vermont.

We at Green Mountain Kettle Corn guarantee your
satisfaction with our products, and stand behind them 100%.
If you ever have any questions, you can always reach a
local, living person with ease with Kettle Support.
We aim for complete satisfaction. Our kettle corn is the
best because we take the time in every sale to ensure a
top quality product. Our customers see this. They return
for more popcorn, with their friends too! It's great for
any social occasion, or just something to munch on.
Kettle korn is a staple for Football games, and
Holiday parties, but did you know it's a healthy
alternative to most other candies?

We are a VT Kettle Corn making company
with a permanent selling St. Albans Office. We are
a local making kettle corn, with a passion
for St. Albans Kettle Corn food.

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